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Filleting Walleyes with an Electric Knife

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Jeff Simpson offers up some tips for filleting walleyes with a Bubba Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife.

Filleting Walleyes with an Electric Knife

In terms of table fare walleyes are arguably the most sought after fish in the Upper Midwest and for good reason; they are delicious. Their pearly white fillets are great baked, fried, grill, or just about any other way you can prepare fish.

Filleting walleyes with electric knifes is a fast and effective way to clean multiple fish. You will make the same cuts you would with a standard fillet knife.

Begin with an incision right behind the gill plate, angle the blade, and go all the way down until I hit the spine with the teeth of the electric knife. Then turn the blade and run down the spine to the tail of the fish.

Now take your fillet and remove the ribs.

Repeat the process on the other side.

Once you remove the ribs, remove the skin from the fillet.

The final step is to remove the pin bones. Run the knife perpendicular to the cutting knife right near the lateral line. You can feel them every time with the tips of your fingers before you cut.

This will ensure you have completely boneless walleye fillets.

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