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Bemidji Area Fishing Buzz Bite Report 2-14-2023

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John and Ashley Holmgren of Devoted Outdoors give their latest Buzz Bite Report for the Bemidji Area fishing on February 14th, 2023.

Bemidji Area Fishing Buzz Bite Report 2-14-2023

Well you can’t beat the weather that we have been having. The only problem is it’s tricking us into thinking we’re a lot closer to open water than we are!

The warm weather has settled the snow and travel across almost all local lakes with a vehicle is possible although you should still be cautious.

Panfish bite has been slower but steady. Still finding fish in deeper basins and deeper flats. Staying mobile and hitting multiple schools and catching the active ones has been best.

We have switched most of our attention to eelpout! The warmer weather has them a little fired up. Still can be hit or miss if your going to get into them or not as we still have a little ways before spawn.

Best structure to target them right now has been the sharp break lines near the deep water. 20’-30’ has been the best depth.

Staying mobile and trying many spots is a must this time of year. Once you find one chances are really good you will find more! Clam Ribbon spoon in glow wonderbread and Big Nasty spoons/jig tipped with fathead pieces has been the ticket. Make sure to constantly keep your presentation glowed up! 5:30-7:30 has been peak time.

Jumbo perch have been very aggressive as well with the warm sunny weather! Fishing deeper flats(20’-30’) and deeper humps (15’-25’) has been best. Clam rattlin blade spoon and pinhead pros have been money! All day long bite lately!

Get out and enjoy the weather!!

  • John and Ashley Holmgren


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