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When to Be Stationary for Early Ice Panfish

by | Dec 13, 2022 | 0 comments

Although hole hopping can be very effective for early ice panfish there is a time and place when it pays to be stationary. Jarrid Houston shares some tips on staying put for early ice panfish.

When to Be Stationary for Early Ice Panfish

When targeting first ice panfish anglers are often faced with the question whether to walk around hole hopping or to be stationary letting the fish come to them.

It can be a real dilemma for an anglers, but there is one factor that tends to determine whether or not you should be stationary. 

Depth of Water

The depth of water you are fishing is a huge factor when deciding to be stationary or to move around. As a general rule if you are going to be fishing in less than fifteen feet of water, it often pays to be stationary.

Walking around can spook the fish pushing them off the spot during those early ice shallow water scenarios.

During the early ice bite being stationary and letting the fish come to you is often the most productive and efficient way to catch them.

Utilizing a deadstick with a live minnow is good idea if you do choose to be stationary. It will help call in fish and often times will it will get bit when your jigging presentation doesn’t.

In water deeper than fifteen feet you will be less likely to spook the fish and it often pays to hole hop around chasing the roaming schools of bluegills and crappies.

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