Humminbird MEGA 360

Humminbird MEGA 360 on Ice for Walleye

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Fishing guide Brad Hawthorne breaks down how he utilizes the Humminbird MEGA 360 on ice to catch more Mille Lacs Lake walleyes.

Humminbird MEGA 360 on Ice for Walleye

There are a lot of great tools for targeting walleyes under the ice but one of the best is the Humminbird MEGA 360.

There is no better tool for identify structure and subtle changes in structure than the MEGA 360.

The most important thing about the Humminbird MEGA 360 is a screen and antenna orientation. You want to make an upside-down T. You want your screen flat facing forward with your antenna perfectly straight with a 90-degree angle on both sides. If you do that you will be able to know where everything is in relation to you.

What I will do is once I have it oriented correctly I will let the screen spin around a few times to get an idea of the structure I am on. After it spins around one time completely you will be able to see fish the next time it completes a full cycle. This takes about 8 seconds.

Depending on the type of fish you are after they will all mark a little different, but you want to look for white hot grains of rice and really look closely at anything that moves because it is going to be a fish.

That is the biggest thing to look for because rocks don’t move, weeds generally don’t move, any movement is a fish.

Another huge benefit of the MEGA 360 on ice is the ability to see transition lines. You are able to see as clear as day the difference between bottom structures.

This can really help you set up on the spot on the spot and allow you to set up in a fish-holding area.

Now once you get used to reading the Humminbird MEGA 360 you can adjust the color plates to help highlight different features or fish. Depending on what you are looking for there are color plates that will show it off better. I like color plates two through four.

The Humminbird MEGA 360 is a great tool and if it is utilized properly it can really help you catch more walleyes on the ice.


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