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Finding Panfish with an Underwater Camera

by | Nov 1, 2022 | 0 comments

Avid angler Phil Laube breaks down how he uses an underwater camera to locate and catch roaming panfish.

Finding Panfish with an Underwater Camera

Throughout much of the winter, schools of bluegills and crappies can be found in less than ten feet of water in weed beds or scattered across weedy flats in many lakes across the ice belt.

In shallow weed beds, traditional 2D flashers and even forward facing sonar aren’t as effective at locating fish as an underwater camera.

With underwater cameras you have the the ability to see how fish are relating to the structure, and identity what species of fish is actual down there.

A camera like the Aqua Micro Revolution 5.0 HD is perfect for these shallow water scouting scenarios, because it easily fits in your coat pocket and with its patented Revolution Camera Spool, you can deploy and retrieve the camera easily.

It allows you to stay mobile and follow those roaming schools of panfish.

If you are an angler that likes to fish out of a house, the Aqua Vu Quad HD is a great option because it gives you a 360 degree view under the ice.

It allows you to see panfish coming in from any direction, which can be very helpful in those shallow weed beds.

Without a doubt an Aqua Vu camera is a must have if you plan on targeting shallow water panfish this ice season.

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