cleaning burbot

Cooking and Cleaning Burbot


Jeremy Smith breaks down how he goes about cleaning burbot, and then afterwards shares a simple and delicious recipe.

Cooking and Cleaning Burbot

Cleaning Burbot

Burbot are an awesome gamefish that are fun to catch, but also delicious to eat. They are a little bit different to clean than most fish.

What you’ll need for cleaning burbot is a sharp fillet knife, a pair of pliers or channel locks, and lots of paper towels.

The first step is to cut around the collar of the fish. You don’t want to make a deep cut, you are just trying to cut the hide or skin away from the meat.

Once you’ve made it all the way around the burbot, you’ll want to grab your pliers and begin pulling the skin off.

After you have removed the skin, you can remove the guts so it’s cleaner and easier to work with. You don’t have to, but it just makes things a little easier.

Next you’ll want to go ahead and cut the fillet off. It is very similar to other fish, except the ribs stuck out at a forty-five degree angler instead of curving.

Cooking Burbot

You can cook burbot a bunch of different ways. They taste great, fired, boiled, grill and baked.

When it comes to cooking burbot I really simple recipe that only requires a few ingredients.

You’ll need butter, gralic, salt, pepper, lemon and oil.

Start by cutting your burbot fillets into 1 1/2″ sized pieces. Try to keep them as close to the same size as possible.

Next you’ll want to place the oil in a cast iron pan on medium heat. Once the oil is at temperature, you’ll want to season the meat with pepper and salt. While that is cooking add a few pieces of butter and a couple cloves of garlic into the pan. As the butter melts spoon it over the pieces of burbot.

Once you have developed a nice golden-brown crust flip the pieces over and cook until it has a nice crust.

Squeeze a little fresh lemon on it an enjoy!

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