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Ottertail County Buzz Bite Report 7-27-2021

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We have been getting a nice mixed bag of fish out here in Ottertail County, MN over the past week. Overall the weather has been stable and the fish have been biting. We are finding water temperatures in the high seventies in most lakes.

Let’s start with crappies. We have been crappie fishing along on the edges of the break lines in the weeds in that seven to ten foot range.

We have been slow trolling with small jigs like a Northland RC jig and Road Runner jigs paired with small crappie tubes or plastics. This slow trolling tactic has accounting for most of our fish. It allows you to cover ground, but still fish slow enough to trigger bites. 

We have been finding a lot of nice walleyes in the weeds out here in Ottertail County, MN. The best depths have been from twelve to fourteen feet of water.

Pulling spinners and crawlers just above the weeds has been the ticket. You could cast cranks or hair jigs and catch fish as well.

The bluegills have moved out onto that mid lake structure. Main lake humps with hard bottoms is where you will be able to find nice schools of bluegills.  A few have also been hanging around the cabbage in about fifteen feet of water. Worms on a small 1/16 ounce jig or slip bobbers with leeches or nightcrawlers will work well for the bluegills.

The largemouth bass are up in the heavy weed cover or along the weed edge. Use big plastics or topwater right now. The bass are fired up and are on the search for bigger baits.

That’s the latest report from Ottertail County. If your looking to get out you can reach me through my website or phone. Good luck out on the water!

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