Ottertail County

Ottertail County Buzz Bite Report 6-29-2021


Garett Svir here with Slab Seeker Fishing reporting this weeks buzz bite report for Ottertail County.

The largemouth bass bite is on. We have caught largemouth bass on every bait we have thrown so far today. Chatterbaits, wacky rigs, bass jigs with chucks, square bill crankbaits, ned rigs, and tubes.

They are all working.

The bass have been scattered along the deep weed line. We have been keeping the boat in twevle to fifteen feet of water and casting towards the weed line and just slowly working along picking off fish as we go.

Even though all the baits are working our best bait by far has been a Yamamoto Senko or the ned rig. Those two finesse baits 

As far as bluegill go the spawn is over. Most fish can be caught along that deep weed edge kind of the same spots as the largemouth bass in six to eleven feet of water.

Pretty soon the trolling crappie bite is going to start up. We will be trolling with little tube jigs and little plastic minnow imitations over the tops of the deep cabbage at about a mile an hour.

Using soft action rods and covering a lot of water. It is a great way to catch big slabs with time of year. 

The walleyes can be found on your main lake points, deep humps and mid lake structure. They are in there mid summer pattern. Livebait rigs early in the morning or late in the evening work the best.

Pretty much everywhere you go you seem to catch northerns. We have caught a bunch today bass fishing and caught a good amount walleye fishing the other day. If your looking for some steady action try northern fishing in Ottertail County using crankabits, spinnerbaits, or even live bait.

Thats the latest report from Ottertail County. If your looking to get out you can reach me through my website or phone. Good luck out on the water!

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