mid summer crappies

Targeting Mid Summer Crappies

by | Jun 29, 2021 | 0 comments

Jeremy Smith and Dan Lindner break down what they look for when targeting mid summer crappies and bluegills on bottom transitions.

Targeting Mid Summer Crappies

During those mid summer months your electronics are absolutely vital for finding bluegill and crappies.

Most anglers tend to think that mid summer crappies are only related to the deep weed line.

While you can find good numbers of crappies spread out along the weed line, there is another population of targetable fish that hang out on the bottom transitions.

These fish school up onto these mud to sand transitions are feeding on bugs almost exclusively.

As these crappies work and move along the transition line and we will use our Humminbird Mega Side Imaging to find the fish and to locate the bottom transition.

When you mark fish on our unit you can see they are often relating very closely to the transition line, most of the time they are right on top of it or a foot or two off to the side.

Another to remember about these spots is that these schools of panfish will work these mud to sand transitions all summer and into the winter. It can be a spot that you can come back consistently to and find panfish.

These transitional fish are also willing to chase your bait a bit and they are willing to hit bigger baits.

Baits like the Rapala Slab Rap, Jigging Rap in a size three, and small crappie jigs with plastics all work great.

When you are heading out to target panfish during the heat of summer, don’t forget about your deepwater transitions, because they are often overlooked spots that hold a ton of fish.

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