Northern Wisconsin

Northern Wisconsin Buzz Bite Report 6-6-2021


Well the water temperatures are just on the rise over here in Northern Wisconsin. I have been finding temps in the high sixties and low seventies on most lakes.

Even with the really warm temps we have had over the past few days the walleye fishing has continued to be very consistent.

It has been all about finding weed growth on clearwater lakes. Generally the best depths have been in sixteen to seventeen feet of water.

Across most of Northern Wisconsin we have had a Mayfly hatch going so leeches under slip bobbers has been by far our best presentation.

Smallmouth bass are all up in the shallows in less than seven feet of water on most lakes and are still spawning up on beds.  I saw a lot of females moving into spawn this week, but some of those earlier spawning fish should be wrapping up soon.

Crappies are in post-spawn mode right now.  I don’t even know if a lot of them spawn this year because we’re catching them with a lot of eggs in them still.

Most of the crappies we are catching have been in about five to seven feet of water in the weeds. Casting small jigs with crappie tubes or using slip bobbers and crappie minnows has produced most of our fish.

Bluegills have started to make their way onto beds in the shallows.

Northern pike can be found on the weed lines in that eight to fifteen feet of water. Casting crank baits, spinnerbaits, or live minnows under a float will all produce fish.

If you guys are looking to get out and catch some fish you can reach me through my website or through my cell.

Good luck out there on the water!

Contact Information:

Guide: Jeff Evans

Phone: 715-292-1424

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