Leech Lake Report

Leech Lake Buzz Bite Report 6-2-2021


The walleye fishing on Leech lake has really improved since opener. We are really in a transitional time with the warming water temps. I was finding temperatures in the mid sixties throughout the lake. It was cooler in some of those deeper water areas like Walker Bay.

Even though the bite is good the walleyes are really spread out throughout the lake. Some of our key depths were between twelve to maybe seventeen feet of water.

The best walleye bite has come on leeches and crawlers. Lindy rigging, pulling spinners, and slip bobbers are all producing fish.

Some of the main lake points like Ottertail and Stony Point are great places to start.

A jig and a shiner will still produce a few fish in some of those areas with colder water like Walker Bay and Agency Narrows.

Overall the jig bite has died down. With all the bug hatches and warmer water temps the walleyes are really preferring a leech or crawler.

If you find new weed growth that is where you are going to find your jumbo perch along with a few walleyes.

The crappies and bluegills are up on their beds so practice selective harvest to protect the resource.

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