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Ottertail County, MN Buzz Bite Report 5-25-21


The bite has been real good in Ottertail county over the past week. We are finding a lot of big crappies and bluegills.

The water temps are in the low sixties and crappies have been in the hard stem bullrushes in about six feet of water or less.

Most of our fish have come off of small hair jigs rigged with a Northland Impulse Mini smelt. Pink and white has been my favorite color, but play around with different colors and figure out what the fish want.

We have our jigs set about three feet down from a slip bobber. You just want to keep your bait above the fish.

The reason you want to use a slip bobber rig,  versus a fixed float, is because you can throw this right into these bullrushes and it falls straight down in the water. If you were to use a pegged float, you would end up getting hung up and stuck in the bullrushes.

The slip bobber in this situation just helps you fish more effectively and efficiently.

This week’s gonna be great action and it should be fantastic through Memorial day weekend, so if you want to get up and catch some slab crappies in Ottertail county this is the time of year to do it.

If you guys are looking to get out this summer you can reach me by my cell or through my website. As always good luck and stay safe!

Contact Information:
Slab Seeker Fishing
Owner: Garett Svir

Phone: 320-428-5174


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