Hayward Area Buzz Bite Report 5-25-2021

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Just about everything in the Hayward area is in less than fifteen feet of water. Water temps continue to climb and fish are preparing to spawn.

Smallmouth bass have moved on to the rocks near their spawning areas.

Jerk baits, ned rigs, and hair jigs are all producing smallies.

The largemouth bass bite has really turned on over the past few days. We are catching them on bass jigs, lipless crankbaits and especially ned rigs. I know a few have even been biting topwater baits like frogs and poppers. Check out any shallow bays with weeds. That is where you will find a good amount of largemouth bass schooled up.

Northern Pike are super aggressive right now and chasing anything flashy. You can find them in those same areas you are find the largemouth bass, and any weed lines in six to eight feet of water. Crankbaits, spinner baits, and jig and plastics will work well.

The crappies are in shallow spawning. You will find them in shallow water bays, shorelines with reeds and any wood or downed trees in the water.

Bluegills are also starting to move onto their beds.

Walleye fishing around the Hayward area has been a little bit slower. You can still catch some fish but the bite hasn’t been on fire. The best bite has been shallow in less than fifteen feet of water during those primetime hours in the morning and evening.

Live bait rigs, slip bobbers, jig and minnow and jig and plastics have been the go to baits.

Good luck out there and make sure you get out and get hooked up!


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