Lake Vermilion

Lake Vermilion: A Family Travel Destination


With over three hundred and sixty five island, Lake Vermilion is Minnesota fifth largest lake and a perfect family vacation destination. 

 It has pristine rocky shores, beautiful pinewood forests that is abundant with wildlife.  

If you’re looking to plan a trip up here, check out Lake Vermillion resort association.  There are tons of places to stay up here and all sorts of different things to do.

Lake Vermilion is such a diverse fishery with trophy potentially for every species. You have great musky and northern pike fishing. World class walleye fishing. Great smallmouth and great panfishing. Lake Vermilion has it all.

The lake can be broken into three sections. The west end, central basin, and east end of the lake. If you are in search of trophy walleyes, I would recommend fishing the West end of the lake.

If you plan on coming to Lake Vermilion in search of musky and numbers of them, I’d start by searching on the East side. When searching for a mess of eater sized walleyes I’d start in the central basin. That is the beauty of it, you have so many options in one lake.

If smallmouth bass are what you are after, the East side is a little better because it is loaded with rock reefs and other structure that holds bass.

If you are looking for a great family vacation spot in northern Minnesota get to the shores of Lake Vermilion.

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