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Green Bay Buzz Bite Report 5-9-2021

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Let’s start this Green Bay buzz bite report by the mouth of the fox river. The walleye fishing this is a great time of the year. The fish are all post spawn and looking to feed. You can find good numbers of walleyes in that five to fifteen foot range. Anglers are still getting fish casting, but the best success has been by trolling.

Those fish are starting to spread out a bit so covering water has been the way to go. Flicker shads and shad raps have been the ticket when trolling. 

If you plan on targeting walleyes near the Sturgeon Bay Area concentrate on the eight to fourteen foot depth range, and the best bite has been at night.

Trolling has been working there as well as casting crank baits and Rippin Raps. 

During the say some anglers have also been getting fish jigging especially when there is a little chop on the water. Hair jigs, a jig and plastic or rip jigging lipless baits are all producing fish. 

The Green Bay smallmouth bass bite is really starting to heat up. The water temperatures right now are going to be around 50 degrees. The water is still pretty cold so plastics and jerk baits are going to be the best way to go.

Anglers are finding them shallow anywhere between three to maybe like 10 feet of water. If that water cools off, move out to those first deep water transitions and that’s where you’re going to locate those fish. 

Some of my go to baits are gonna be ned rigs, wacky worms, tubes, hair jigs and jerk baits. Work them slow. These fish don’t want to chase right now so the slower you work the bait the better you will do. As the water warms up that will change and your more aggressive style baits will start to take over but for right now the slower the better.

Tight lines everybody and we wish you all a great fishing day.

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