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Devils Lake, North Dakota Buzz Bite Report 5-1-2021


The story here on Devils Lake, North Dakota has been just brutal weather causing really low water temperatures. I’m still finding 38 and 39 degree water temps out in the big water. Once you get back into some of the bays and I have been finding 43 and 44 degree water and it’s really affected the fishing. With the warmer weather on the forecast these back bays should really be the areas you will want to target.

Those warmer water areas are going to attract most of the fish this time of year. You’ll find pike, bass, and walleye all in those back bays feeding on baitfish.

Especially with the dry winter we had a lot of those traditional shore fishing spots haven’t been as good this year because the water is too low and isn’t moving.

Because it has been an untraditional spring it is all about water temperature when searching for fish.

Search for those back water protected shallow bays and also keep an eye on the wind. Wind can push that warm water around so windy blown shore banks can also be just as good.

You can catch fish doing a few different things. Pitching a jig and minnow or pitching a jig and plastic is producing fish. Casting crank baits in these areas with warmer water is also producing fish.

If you are able to find decent sized leeches use them, even though right now they have been hard to come by. With how things have been this spring using a leech under a slip bobber has really been the most productive method for catching a good number of walleyes.

Good luck out on Devils Lake and if you are looking to get out you can reach me through my website.

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