Jig and Minnow Spring Walleyes

Jig and Minnow Fishing for Spring Walleyes

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Jig and minnow is a sure bets for walleyes in spring. Some jig styles work better for casting, while others excel for vertical jigging. Know the difference to get bit!

Jig and Minnow Fishing for Spring Walleyes

During the springtime a good population of walleyes are in two to ten feet of water and a great way to target them is by jigging.

Short shank jigs like VMC’s Hammer head in 1/16 and 1/8th ounce are a great option for vertical presentations in the spring.

There are a multitude of variables when choosing a jig for springtime walleye. Factors like depth, current, and wind speed all play a role when choosing a size.

The size of the minnow and bottom type also factor in. As a kind of rule of thumb, the bigger the minnow, the heavier and bigger the jig head.

Jigs with longer shanks are preferred for casting because the minnow is less likely to come off especially if you use the double turn method. Jigs like VMC Neon Moon Eye or VMC Sleek jig are both great long shank options.

When it comes to choosing the type of minnow, here in Northern Minnesota shiners are generally the preferred minnow.  Followed by rainbows minnows and then fathead minnows.

All of them can produce walleyes with the right presentation and during the spring it is tough to beat a jig.

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