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Choosing the Right Fishing Rod for the Presentation

by | Mar 15, 2021 | 0 comments

Making sure you’re geared up with the right fishing rod and reel for the presentation can make a huge difference in how you perform on the water.

Joel Nelson shares a quick hack that can help less experienced anglers find the perfect rod (length/power/action) for any technique you want to try.

When choosing the right fishing rod and reel it all starts with understanding the code on rods and how they are labeled. Take the St. Croix Legend Tournament rod for example designed for walleye fishing.

The code reads LWS70MLF. This code is saying is that this is a seven foot medium light rod with a fast action. St.Croix Legend Tournament rods have suggestions on what you should use the rods for as well. Right under the label on this seven foot medium light fast action rod it says “Riggin”.

They have gathered information from Pro Staff, Professional Anglers and as well as they own research team and determined that Rigging with live bait is the best method of fishing for this rod and for rods that are similar in size and action.

Let’s use another rod as an example. Let’s take the St. Croix Legend Tournament Musky series with the code LMD710MF.

This rod is a seven foot ten inch rod that has a medium power and a fast action. Underneath the label it says “Twitch Stick”.

This length, action and power of rod was designed for musky fishing with a jerk bait. It was designed to get the most action out of a jerk bait.

Hopefully this little trick helps you in the future and, remember before you purchase a rod think about what method of fishing you will want to do with it, and then use these codes to help you understand what rod is best suited for that method.

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