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West Central Minnesota Buzz Bite Report 3-9-2021


Guide Garett Svir of Slab Seeker Fishing gives his latest buzz bite report for West Central Minnesota. March, 9th 2021.

Well, we are starting to lose our ice quickly here in West Central Minnesota. Since the gamefish season is closed we have been targeting roaming schools of crappies and bluegills.

We are getting some really nice-sized fish and most are being caught in less than twelve feet of water near any remaining green weeds.

So these fish will start to make a push into the shallows near their spawning areas so keep that in mind.

We have been using small tungsten jigs tipped with a few euro larvae and have had the best success on that. Although these panfish are feeding aggressively, the bite is really light so we have been using a spring bobber as well and that has really increased our success.

Small bounces and slowing rising your jig above the fish have been triggering most of the bites. You don’t want to work your bait too aggressively, but you want to keep it moving and active.

I would not recommend any vehicle traffic on our area lakes as the ice conditions have deteriorated rapidly with this recent warm spell we have had. Especially in areas near the launch that had heavy vehicle use.

At this point in the season, it is only 4wheelers or foot traffic to be safe. Watch out for the dark ice or any ice that does not look safe.

Pretty soon here the ice season will be down and we will be out on the rivers chasing steelhead.

If you guys are looking to get out during late ice or early this spring you can reach me by my cell or through my website. As always good luck out on the ice and stay safe!

Contact Information:
Slab Seeker Fishing
Owner: Garett Svir

Phone: 320-428-5174

Website: https://www.slabseekerfishing.com/index.php

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