Ottertail County Buzz Bite Report 3-2-2021


Guide Garett Svir of Slab Seeker Fishing gives his latest buzz bite report for Ottertail County, MN.

March 2nd, 2021

Well it is official the close of the gamefish season here in Minnesota so walleye, pike, and bass are done, but that has been okay for us here in Ottertail County. We have been on a really strong panfish bite and it is only going to get better with the warm weather on the way.

We have been finding crappies and bluegills cruising the weed lines in nine to eleven feet of water. Like always, finding the green weeds has been key. If you are able to find the green weeds these schools of bluegills and crappies are definitely close by.

One key for us has been to make small subtle moves in order to stay on top of the schools. Pike and bass are chasing around and moving these schools so small adjustments through the day has been important to eliminate downtime. We have probably drilled 80 holes today and moved the house seven times in order to stay on the fish.

Those basin bites for panfish that were going mid-winter have really dried up and most of the fish that are being caught are in fifteen feet or less now.

As it continues to warm up and get closer to ice out these fish will move even shallower.

Our best baits today have been small tungsten jigs with euro larvae. There has been a big difference today between euro larvae and wax worms. Euro larvae have been definitely producing more fish.

If you guys are looking to get out during late ice you can reach me by my cell or through my website. As always good luck out on the ice and stay safe!

Contact Information: Slab Seeker Fishing

Owner: Garett Svir

Phone: 320-428-5174


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