Yetti Grand Escape

Yetti Grand Esacpe Tour with Joel Nelson

by | Feb 10, 2021 | 0 comments

Yetti Grand Escape Tour

Today we are going to take a tour through my Yetti Grand Escape and I would like to show you a few recommendations I would make when setting up your fish house for ice fishing season.

The first thing would recommend to have would have to be wall hooks/ command hooks.

I have hooks spread out all throughout my fish house and the reason is because I can maximize the amount of storage I have by using all my available wall space.

One thing I will note is I don’t like to transport the house with things hanging on the hooks inside. They can bounce around and rub on the walls leaving marks.

Along with hooks another thing I have spread all throughout my Yetti Grand Escape is the Catch Cover wall disc. These things are so handy I put about 14 through my house.

I have one at every hole for rattle reels or dead sticks, but you can place rod holders, cup holders, and more so I have them mounted throughout the house to give myself options.

Now one thing that helped me was buying a few mini bins that I’ve placed in the sliding storage. I organize these bins with different tackle and gear.

Catch cover also makes ice rod holders which I have mounted on the ceiling and on the wall to help with rod storage and to keep them safe and out of the way.

Another thing I have is a magnetic board mounted to the wall for baits and tool storage.

Utilizing your wall space really gives you a lot of options in your fish house.

You really just have to find the system that works best for you when organizing your Yetti Grand Escape but those are a few things I do and hopefully these tips and tricks help you better organize and set-up your ice house this winter.

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