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West Central Minnesota Buzz Bite Report 2-9-2021


Garett Svir of Slab Seeker Fishing gives his buzz bite report for West Central Minnesota, February 9th, 2021.

Despite the brutal weather conditions we have had in West Central Minnesota over the last week, the fishing has remained solid. We have been hunkering down in the hub houses and letting the fish come through to us.

We have found a good bite for some really nice bluegills.

The best spots have been mid lake points with weeds, especially cabbage.

Finding green cabbage in 6 – 8 feet of water has been key. The greener and taller the weeds, the better.

Crappies can be found in the main lake basins. As usual they are on the move and cruising so you have to stay on the move in order to stay on top of the school.

Some baits that have been working really well for us are small rattle baits and smaller sized spoons like Clam’s Jointed Pinhead Minnow. Using these bigger sized baits for panfish, instead of small tungsten jigs has been key when targeting the largest fish in the schools.

We have also been having some good success for trout. Sight fishing off main lake points in about 8-10 feet of water is producing fish. The best baits for trout have been those small tungsten jigs with a wax worm or spike.

As always have fun and be safe out on the ice. If you are looking to book a trip you can reach me on my cell or by checking out my website slabseekerfishing.com.

Contact Information:

Phone: 320-428-5174

Website: https://www.slabseekerfishing.com/index.php

West Central Minnesota

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