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Line Choice for Ice Fishing

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Tony Roach of Roach’s Guide Service, breaks down his preferred line choice for different situations and environments out on the ice.

Line Choice for Ice Fishing

When it comes to line choice and using different species of line on the ice, it really varies whether I’m fishing inside a shelter or fishing outside.

If I’m a fishing inside I really like using braid. It won’t freeze up because you are protected from the elements and I really like the no stretch factor in braid.

Most of my rods used to be strictly braid but recently I have switch most of them over to something new.

That is Sufix Advanced Monofilament.

There are several factors that caused my to make the switch to this line choice. The first is that it is that it has got very little stretch to it especially for a mono. It almost acts like a fluorocarbon.

Because of its low stretch it is very abrasion resistance and you don’t get a lot of memory in the line.

I know before this line memory with mono was always a problem but I have haven’t had an issue using this Sufix Advance.

Another benefit is that mono doesn’t freeze like braid does so I am able to fish it outside with ease. It is the best of both worlds. I can use it inside or I can hop outside the house and not worry about it freezing up.

It has just made my set ups more versatile.

As far as rigging it up I am always adding a swivel to my equation. Whether I am fishing a VMC Spoon, Rapala Jigging Rap, or Slab Rap I will always add that swivel.

The swivel helps with line twists. I just tie it directly to the monofilament swivel and then of course monofilament once again, because it is so abrasion resistant and tough you can get away with using a thinner diameter pound test.

I like to use a six pound while walleye fishing and if I am using it for panfish I like two pound test.

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