bait caddy

Live Bait Management Tips on Ice: Bait Caddy


You know when you’re talking about bait management you want something simple handy it’s super reliable. Well Bait Caddy has gota bait management system that is all of those.

They are a durable, see-through contain that is great for keeping your minnows fresh and lively. It has holes that allow freshwater keep your bait alive. It also keeps your minnows at the same water temperature as the lake. That way you aren’t shocking and killing your minnows.

It floats and also fits into an eight and ten inch ice hole. If you fish with tip ups a tip we would recommend would be to drill and extra hole next to your tip up and set the Bait Caddy in it with about half a dozen minnows.

That way if you have to rebait your tip up you have access to fresh minnows right there and you won’t have to carry around a heavy minnow bucket.

It is not just for ice fishing, it works great during open water. During open water we place it in our live well, it keeps our minnows alive and fresh but also keeps them out of the way.

If you are a live bait fisherman, the bait caddy is a must have for storing your minnows and keeping them fresh.

bait caddy

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