Brainerd Lakes Area Buzz Bite

Brainerd Lakes Area Buzz Bite Report 1-25-2021


Brainerd Lakes Area Buzz Bite Report from Panfish Phil


Since our last Brainerd Lakes Area Buzz bite report we have had a cold snap that has really improved our ice conditions across the Brainerd Lakes area. Most lakes have ice around 12-14 inches, but you still need to use caution because not every spot froze at the same time.

Lakes like North Long, Round and other smaller lakes have vehicle traffic, but the larger lakes like the Whitefish Chain and Gull are still on the boarder and do not.

The bite has been sporadic across the lakes area. Crappies, Sunfish and other panfish have been biting well.

The Sunfish can be found in depths between 16-22 and the crappies are being found in the basins, it just varies from lake to lake. The Humminbird 360 has been an important tool for find the basin crappies as they are constantly on the move.

If you are ale to find green weeds bass and pike can be caught in the shallows. Tip ups with larger fatheads our sucker minnows between 3-6 inches have been really effective.

When it comes to Walleye the bite has been at your classic low light times. Early morning and late in the afternoon has been best. Spoons tipped with spikes or wax worms have been just as effective as minnow heads.

Brainerd Lakes Area Buzz Bite

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