Yetti Fish House

Where You Should Put Your Yetti Fish House


You know I get  a lot of questions on where to put your Yetti fish house an extended period of time, whether that is just for the night or over the weekend.

If you want to catch more fish, it is not something you can just plop down anywhere. You want be intentional when placing your Yetti Fish house down on a spot.

Let’s use a mud flat on Mille Lacs as an example.

I start by looking at my Humminbird Helix and look at the LakeMaster map and the contours to decipher a good starting point.

Find a depth you believe the fish will be at.

Once your determine your depth range you will want to look for any irregularities in the break and try to find something that stands out to you. It could be a subtle point, sharp change, or an inside cup.

These irregularities are things that are going to concentrate fish.

Another thing to look for when searching for a spot to drop the Yetti fish house is the transition line between the mud flat and hard bottom.

Walleyes will often cruise these transition lines throughout the winter and they often produce fish all winter long.

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