Choosing the Right Tuned Up Walleye Rod


Choosing the Right Tuned Up Walleye Rod


New to 2020/2021 the Vulcan is Tuned Up glass rod. This has a great action and can be used with heavy spoons, but also works as a great setline option. You can really lay into the fish with this rod.

Our crew went out to Lake Winnipeg and used the Vulcan and it handled those monster greenbacks easily.

Precision Power

The precision power is similar to the precision except it has more backbone to handle some of those bigger fish.


This is the ultimate big walleye rod in the Tuned Up line up. This rod was meant to handle and target those trophy walleyes, but it also has enough sensitivity to feel those smaller bites.


This rod was specifically made for deadsticking. It has an action that allows the fish to talk the bait and for the rod to load up slowly to show the angler that you have a bite.


The precision is your kind of do everything walleye rod. It can fish smaller spoons and is great inside a fish house.


The fusion is the lightest rod in the group and I consider it more of a panfish rod. It is very sensitive and is great for those smaller spoons and smaller fish. It has fallen into favor with a lot of the red lake fishermen and the reason is that it has a nice moderate action and when targeting those smaller eater-sized fish, it handles them perfectly.

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