How to Read the Humminbird 360

Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith

January 5, 2021

Right now we’re targeting basin crappies and the Humminbird 360 is an awesome tool for this. Now I have used the 360 a lot during open water but this is my first experience using it on the ice and let’s just say it has really put us on the fish today.

We are out here on this main lake basin chasing around this school of crappies that is constantly on the move. The Humminbird 360 has allowed us to stay on top of the crappies as they are cruising around, leading to a lot more catching and less hole drilling and wasted time searching.

Now I am using a Helix 9 and have this rigged up to an 18 amp battery. The bigger battery is necessary because it does require a lot of power to run.

Now using this system it is definitely beneficial to have two anglers there. That way you can have one angler watching the Humminbird and directing the other angler where to drill holes to intercept the fish.

It just makes it easier but it can be done alone.

The Humminbird 360 is just another great tool at your disposal to help you put more fish on the ice.


Humminbird 360

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