How to Read the Humminbird 360


Right now we’re targeting basin crappies and the Humminbird 360 is an awesome tool for this. Now I have used the 360 a lot during open water but this is my first experience using it on the ice and let’s just say it has really put us on the fish today.

We are out here on this main lake basin chasing around this school of crappies that is constantly on the move. The Humminbird 360 has allowed us to stay on top of the crappies as they are cruising around, leading to a lot more catching and less hole drilling and wasted time searching.

Now I am using a Helix 9 and have this rigged up to an 18 amp battery. The bigger battery is necessary because it does require a lot of power to run.

Now using this system it is definitely beneficial to have two anglers there. That way you can have one angler watching the Humminbird and directing the other angler where to drill holes to intercept the fish.

It just makes it easier but it can be done alone.

The Humminbird 360 is a powerful tool for ice fishing. In this article, we will discuss how to read the Humminbird 360 and make the most of its features.

Introduction to the Humminbird 360

The Humminbird 360 is a fish finder technology that provides a 360-degree view of the underwater environment. It uses a transducer mounted on a boat or ice fishing shuttle to scan the area around it and display the information on a screen. This technology is particularly useful for ice fishing, as it allows anglers to locate fish and track their movements in real-time.

Setting up the Humminbird 360

To set up the Humminbird 360, you need to ensure that the heading sensor with a compass is in line with the transducer. This can be done by aligning the bulbous and wider end of the transducer. Once the setup is complete, you can connect the Humminbird 360 to a compatible fish finder unit, such as the Helix 9DI, using a zip tie and electrical tape for cord management. It is important to use a large battery, such as an 18 amp-hour lithium battery, to ensure sufficient power for the system.

Using the Humminbird 360

Once the Humminbird 360 is set up, you can start using it to locate fish. The 360-degree view allows you to see fish in all directions, making it easier to find and track them. The sensitivity and contrast settings can be adjusted to enhance the visibility of the fish on the screen. In soft bottom areas, the fish will stand out clearly, making it easier to identify their location.

Drilling Holes and Finding Fish

To find fish using the Humminbird 360, you can drill a number of holes in the area and set up the 360-degree view. The fish will appear as bright signals on the screen, making them easy to spot. Once the fish are located, you can drill more holes in the surrounding area to cover a larger area and increase your chances of catching fish.

Moving with the Fish

One of the advantages of using the Humminbird 360 is that it allows you to track the movements of the fish. As the fish move, you can follow them by drilling holes in their path. This ensures that you stay on top of the fish and increases your chances of catching them. It is recommended to have two people working together, with one person operating the Humminbird 360 and the other drilling holes.

Selecting for Bigger Fish

When fishing in basins, it is important to select for bigger fish. Since the fish are dead once they come up, it is advisable to keep the bigger fish and release the smaller ones. This helps maintain the balance of the fish population and ensures that you are catching quality fish.

The Humminbird 360 is just another great tool at your disposal to help you put more fish on the ice.

Humminbird 360

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