How to Properly Hook a Minnow for a Deadstick


How to Properly Hook a Minnow for a Deadstick.

Ice fishing with a deadstick can be a tremendous way to catch walleyes. Even in the toughest of bites, it is often a deadstick that will produce the most fish.

Now there are a lot of different ways to deadstick but personally, I like a simple approach. Most of the time I use a hook with a split shot. The VMC Glo octopus hook is my favorite for deadsticks. It has an added attractant with the Glo dot and it is incredibly sharp and durable.

When it comes to rigging the minnow I will hook it the same way whether I am using a sucker, a chub, or even fatheads.

I take the minnow and then go right behind the gill right behind the head.

I’ll go ahead and hook it through and point that hook towards the head of the minnow because a lot of times when fish grab these minnows
they’re grabbing them by the head.

By hooking the minnow towards the head I don’t have to wait as long to set the hook.

Whether it’s on a tip-up or whether it’s on a dead stick rod I can just set the hook right away and that’s something I think really helps my batting average dramatically.

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