New 24 Foot Yetti Grand Escape

by | Dec 8, 2020 | 0 comments

Up until this point, the biggest Yetti fish house you could get was 21 feet, but this year Yetti came out with a 24-foot fish house.

In this year for our 2021 model year, we now offer three different layouts in the 24-foot size. One in our Angler Edition meaning it’s built for ice fishing primarily and then two in our Grand Escape editions and they’re built for year-round use.

With the size of these houses, we were really able to get creative and maximize all the space by adding tons of storage and entertainment options.

Now in all over the 24 foot Yetti are going to come standard with your sink, microwave, oven, and fridge and freezer combo in the kitchen area. It offers a lot of counter space so you are comfortable when cooking meals.

Something unique to the 24-foot model is the option to get 2 furnaces instead of just 1. The 2 furnaces really help circulate the airflow inside the house as well as provides a backup heat source if one furnace were to go down.

A few things new they incorporated this year are wireless charging pucks.

Some additional features are the 50″ TV and a second Tv is optional as well. The built-in fireplace.

These 24 foot Yetti houses are rated to sleep 7 to 9 people inside.

These 24 foot Yetti fish houses are a great option for anyone looking to upsize their fish house this winter.

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