Duluth Area: Buzz Bite Report on December 4th, 2020

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What was biting/ what you caught?

Mostly walleyes with a few bonus big perch and pike. Total fish/species caught over 3 days of fishing: 31 walleyes, 7 good perch, 4 pike. All released.

What were you using?

A variety of smaller spoons including but not limited to: Venom 360 spoon, NFT Buckshot Rattling Spoon, Lindy Frostee Spoon. Glow pink was best. Also got a few fish to go on the old Beaver Dam Tip-ups and JT Walleye Snare Rods. Jigging outperformed set-lines, but was worth it to have the dead sticks/tip-ups for sure.

When was the best bite window?

Most definitely the 3:30 pm to dark, afternoon bite. Although we got occasional pike, perch, and a rogue walleye in the daytime hours. It is important to be ready well before “prime-time”. Its sort of like sitting in a deer stand all day to get action finally happening near dark. Low light for the shallow area we were fishing was best, certainly.

Ice Conditions?

We were on a solid 4-6″ of ice in back bay shallow wind protected waters. Out in the main part of the lake, you could see open water, but the ice we were on was mimic to a small shallow pond. Checked ice every step of the way, and also on the way back. As long as mother nature doesn’t throw us any curveballs, we are off to a good started base, that’s for sure.

What depth range were you fishing and the structure you were looking for?

The lake we were fishing is notorious for timber and rock. During the open water season years ago, we planted way-points right near the “snaggiest” of areas. This particular area was in 9-13 feet of water near a shallow flat, with deeper water out past it. The fish generally move up to the shallower flat as the sun goes down, and we are stationed for interceptions on their way.

Where you were?

North of Duluth where we have several reservoir-type lakes controlled by dams. These lakes all have similar characteristics but vary in culture (fish species and size). We chose this lake as it has always been a staple early ice spot for us for many years past. With that said, all the reservoirs north of Duluth offer great opportunities, so it’s a pick your poison.


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