Aqua Vu Multi Vu in the Wheel House


Aqua Vu Multi Vu in the Yetti Fish House.

We are out here on a nice winter afternoon in Minnesota and we are in a Yetti fish house.  What we’re going to talk about today is a system that we’ve developed here at Aqua Vu called the Multi Vu. The Multi Vu has been designed for these permanent fish houses.

It’s a system that you can build right into your fish house your wheelhouse; it’s built to be plug and play.

The Multi Vu box has a power cable, an RCA cable, and an HDMI port that allows it to be mounted anywhere you have a TV inside the fish house.

It allows you to see and watch what is going on all day as long as you’re running power into the fish house.

This is also meant to be built-in onto a portable shuttle so that you’re not limited to one hole in your fish house.

It allows you to customize your fish house each time you are out there on the ice.

Whether you are targeting Panfish, Walleyes, or any other species you can learn so much from using an underwater camera and this is a great system for any ice angler fishing out of a permanent house.

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