Using the Humminbird A-Scope


Why use the Humminbird A-Scope? Here’s a good look at the difference between traditional 2D sonar and A-Scope and why it’s to your advantage to use it! Brad Hawthorne is here to explain.

So I want to show you guys the difference between A -Scope and 2D sonar on a Humminbird Helix 7 Ice unit and its benefits for icefishing.

With traditional 2d sonar, you’re dealing with straight lines and they change color.

With A -Scope your marks will show up as bubble, instead of straight lines. By showing up as a bubble you can know for sure whether it is baitfish or a singular fish.

It also allows you to see how far the fish is outside of your cone. The thicker the bubble the closer and larger the fish.

When you start marking fish on the bottom you will see the bottom actually grow like a bubble. It kind of pulses and undulates and it shows you the attitude of fish.

Another great benefit to using A -Scope on your Humminbird Helix 7 is the fact that you are able to decipher individual fish in a school.

If you’re fishing for Tullibee, Perch, Bluegills, and Crappies; fish that tend to school together, that’s where the A-Scope is going to really outperform the traditional 2D sonar.

The target separation is much better with A-Scope you are able to see the individuals in a school. Even in big schools of panfish you are able to tell and see the different fish down there.

It is going to give you a big advantage when you are trying to target the biggest fish in the school. Once you play around with it and get used to reading it I garuntee it is going to make you a better ice angler this year.

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