Lure Selection for Bigger Perch

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Lure Selection for Bigger Perch

When out perch fishing sometimes there’s so many perch down there it is hard to keep your baits away from the smaller fish. One thing I do to capitalize on those bigger Perch in the school is upsize my baits and lure selection.

I like make the jump from a small spoon to a bigger profile bait like a Rapala Jigging Rap or Slab Rap. If I am want to fish a spoon I will choose a spoon similar in size to a fathead minnow.

When fishing these larger profile baits you want to have it either beating the silt or bringing it high in the water column, because a lot of those smaller ones don’t like to come that high off the bottom.

Another great bait to use to help pick out the biggest perch in the school is the Rapala Ripping Rap. It has a bunch of BB’s in it so it gives off a ton of nose really attracting the larger Perch. 

When using these baits I also like to tip the front treble hook with a few spikes or wax worms to give the Perch something to target in on. 

With these baits I’ll run 4 pound test and then I like to add a swivel about 18 inches above my bait to help prevent the line twists.

As far as color goes for lure selection its really going to depend on the body of water you are fishing, but generally I like starting out with UV green, UV pink or orange and then a natural perch color. 

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