3 Easy Steps To Help Your Boat Engine Run Better 

Jeff Simpson

Jeff Simpson

June 8, 2020

With an entire boating season ahead of us, now is the time you want to clean your engine so that it can run at peak performance for the rest of the summer. Here is an easy 3-step routine boaters should do to maximize engine performance.

1) Start by running the fuel talk to a low amount. I’m talking one to four gallons, at the most, should only remain in your tank.

2) Next, add a can or two of Sea Foam Marine PRO to your fuel. You’re adding around ten ounces per gallon of fuel, which is a real high cleaning concentration.

3) Step three is to get the boat out on the water and drive it around like you would on any given day. Run it at least 20 minutes — and don’t be afraid to run it hard. Marine PRO cleans better under higher engine heat and compression, so hole shots or running at higher RPM or high speed is going to work better than driving slow.

After cleaning the engine, remember that the high concentration of Marine PRO remains in the fuel system. It’s still working in the fuel injectors, in the upper engine, soaking and continuing to clean.

Fuel Gum & Varnish

Fuel gum and varnish are the number one cause of marine engine problems.

Below are two jars of the exact same fuel type, but about five months different in age. Note that fresh gasoline has no color—this is 100-percent petroleum fuel.

But because the fuel in the second jar was exposed to the atmosphere, oxygen has caused the fuel to degrade, and the darkness you see is a combination of heavy, sticky, suspended fuel gum and varnish. The ignition vapor has also escaped from the fuel, so it’s not going to burn very well, and your engine is not going to perform very well.

Also, keep in mind that five months or four months is about the average time most people in the northern states would store their boats. So if you don’t add Marine PRO fuel treatment to your tank before winter storage, your fuel is likely going to breakdown and cause engine performance issues.

Boat Engine Run Better 

Marine PRO Fuel Treatment

Marine PRO fuel treatment, which is safe and effective in all 2- and 4-stroke gasoline marine engines (inboard and outboard), is designed to clean and lubricate the entire fuel system.

Formulated to work through fuel injectors and carburetors and safely remove harmful engine residues and deposits from fuel passageways, intake valves, pistons, and chamber areas.

It also helps protect against corrosion caused by ethanol and water and reduces long-term engine wear.

Boat Engine Run Better 

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