Nipigon River Brook Trout Fishing Adventure

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One of the most impressive and unique angling opportunities in Ontario is Nipigon River brook trout fishing.

It’s not very often your average fisherman gets the opportunity to fish a body of water that has the potential to break a world record.

This angling adventure starts with a car ride up into Canada. Starting off in our hometown of Baxter, Minnesota and heading east to Duluth, we follow the western shore of Lake Superior up into northwest Ontario. Pass through Thunder Bay and drive north until you reach Red Rock, Ontario.

This little port town has access to some of the finest fishing in the country for all sorts of different fish. We will be resting our heads at Quebec Lodge, part of Nipigon River Adventures.

The owner Ray has operated Nipigon River Adventures since 2007. Quebec Lodge, the basecamp for our adventure, is located right in Red Rock and was built by the Pulp and Paper Company in 1937 as a retreat for their executives and customers. When they closed down in 2006, Ray was lucky enough to purchase the building the next year.

Fishing is a large part of their business, highlighted by their exceptional Nipigon River brook trout fishing. In fact, they are headquartered next to the location of the world record brookie, a 14.5 pounder that was caught in 1915.

Nipigon River Brook Trout

The Nipigon River in northwest Ontario is home to perhaps the world’s finest drive-to fishing for “specs,” as brookies are known in Canada. Scenic wilderness and big, hard-fighting fish make for a true angling adventure.

They have access to a number of other species of fish, as well. There are lake trout, rainbow trout, salmon, walleye, northern pike, and some bass. All in all, it’s a good variety of opportunities, but no doubt, the Nipigon River brook trout fishery is their crowning jewel!

In addition to the fishing, they’ve also expanded into kayaking, sailing, photography workshops, among other things. Ray’s tagline is “We marry them. We bury them. We educate them, entertain them, and put them to bed at night.” Gotta love it!

Make sure to gas up when you get there and expect some long days on the water fishing remote areas with little-to-no cell service (which is a bonus in our books!). There’s an incredible amount of water to cover and a lot big, uneducated fish just waiting to be caught. Sounds like our kind of angling destination!

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