Walleye Lures (Jigs vs Cranks vs Rigs vs Blades)

Lake Vermilion Resorts

Every lures has it’s time and place, and the deeper your arsenal of presentations, the more versatile you can be as a fisherman. In this video, Joel Nelson explains where and how he uses a number of walleye fishing lures including:

0:22 – Jigging Raps
0:50 – Casting Crankbaits
1:32 – Trolling Crankbaits
2:22 – Walleye Jigs
3:00 – Livebait Rigs
3:58 – Spinner Rigs
4:38 – Blade Baits
5:18 – Hair Jigs
6:12 – Spoons
6:48 – Livebait vs Plastics
7:41 – Lipless Crankbaits
8:28 – Swimbaits

Thumbnail photo via Matt Addington.


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