Walleye Lures (Jigs vs Cranks vs Rigs vs Blades)


Every lures has it’s time and place, and the deeper your arsenal of presentations, the more versatile you can be as a fisherman. In this video, Joel Nelson explains where and how he uses a number of walleye fishing lures including:

0:22 – Jigging Raps
0:50 – Casting Crankbaits
1:32 – Trolling Crankbaits
2:22 – Walleye Jigs
3:00 – Livebait Rigs
3:58 – Spinner Rigs
4:38 – Blade Baits
5:18 – Hair Jigs
6:12 – Spoons
6:48 – Livebait vs Plastics
7:41 – Lipless Crankbaits
8:28 – Swimbaits

Thumbnail photo via Matt Addington.


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