Top Search Bait Options for Spring Fishing

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It’s tough to find fish schooled up heavily this time of year, as most fish are in the post-spawn pattern, heading out to their early summer areas. Now more than ever, it’s important to use presentations that can be fished fast and can cover water quickly. These are a few of our favorite options for three “search bait” categories of baits: spinnerbaits, inline spinners, and swimbaits.



Northland Bionic Bucktail Spinnerbait – $14.99
Northland Magnum Reed-Runner Spinnerbait – $6.99
Strike King Potbelly Spinnerbait – $4.19
Terminator T-1 Spinnerbait – $10.99
Johnson Beetle Spin – $1.49
VMC Curl Tail Spinnerbait – $3.59



Worden’s Rooster Tail – $3.29
Blue Fox Vibrax – $3.79
Blue Fox Vibrax Super Bou – $14.09
Northland Bird-Shot Bucktail Spinner – $12.99
Mepp’s Tandem Aglia – $9.99



Storm 360GT Searchbait – $4.99
Northland Impulse Core Swimbait – $3.99
Northland Impulse Paddle Shad – $4.49
Northland RZ Jig – $2.13
Storm WildEye Swim Shad – $3.69
Northland UV Mimmic Minnow – $3.39
Northland Mimmic Minnow Shad – $3.39



St Croix Bass X Series – $99.99


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