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Northland Fishing Tackle Walleye

If you’re serious about getting bit, you want to use the best lures you can.   It’s always smart to stick to proven companies that consistently produce solid fish-catching baits. A great example is Northland Fishing Tackle. They are located right in the heart of Minnesota and have been producing high quality lures for north [Read more…]

Walleye Reproduction — from Egg to Adult

Rivers are one of the primary areas walleyes run to spawn in our north country lakes. The correct bottom composition is critical, which is clean rock and gravel.   It’s interesting how walleyes come into these spawning sites. One night there’s no fish, the next night they all show up. How far did they come [Read more…]

Aquatic Invasive Species
South Dakota Walleye

What makes for good walleye fishing?   Some anglers love catching fish after fish, while others prefer chasing trophy sized ‘eyes. Far too often, we’re forced to choose between those two alternatives. Many lakes excel in one of those two areas, but there are a few gems out there that offer the best of both [Read more…]

Mills Fleet Farm
Key Locations and Strategies for Early Spring Walleyes

By: Nick Lindner   Why is spring walleye fishing awesome?   First of all, it feels great to be back in the boat again. Our augers are all packed up and the long rods are tuned and ready to go. The weather is getting nicer and nicer, and some of the best fishing of the [Read more…]

Tips for Minnesota Walleye Opener with Gary Roach -Mr. Walleye-

Minnesota walleye opener is a holiday rivaling Christmas for some people in this neck of the woods. Whether you’re a hardcore angler or a casual fisherman, you’re out on the water for opening day ready to wet a line and hopefully catch a few walleyes. In this video, Gary Roach “Mr. Walleye” shares a few [Read more…]

Underwater Minutes- Fish Species in North America

Few people realize that there are over 1,000 fish species swimming in North America’s fresh water.   According to angler surveys, largemouth and smallmouth bass are America’s most popular fish. Panfish in the form of crappies and bluegills take a close 2nd place. Catfish take up the 3rd spot, followed by the walleye’s huge following [Read more…]

Explore Alexandria
DIY Fishing Maps are Changing the Game

No question about it, one of the biggest revolutions in angling over the years has been the advent of GPS and mapping technologies.   It’s amazing today what’s available from the new fish finders in terms of cartography. We have high definition maps that are available for a ton of different lakes across the country. [Read more…]

Mills Fleet Farm

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