Big Northern Manitoba Walleye

“Go north young man…”   Similar to the gold-panning rush days of centuries past, anglers have been flocking to the Northern Region of Manitoba in search of riches. The currency this time around however is golden walleye. Word has gotten out about lake after lake in this area of the province being absolutely loaded with [Read more…]

Lake Vermilion Resorts

How do you determine leader length on your spinner rigs? Hopefully you’re not running the same length in all conditions! Experienced fishing guide Brad Hawthorne shed some light on how he determines his leader length in various fishing conditions from dirty water to clear water and negative bites to positive bites.

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One massively important key to walleye fishing is understand fish migration, and mapping is a critical tool to help us figure out where to look.   In early spring, fish are going to start out near shoreline locations. It’s really common around Opener to pitch jigs up to shallow rocks. As we progress from spring [Read more…]

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Jason Mitchell explains how he uses side scanning technology to find walleye hotspots in river fishing situations.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel:


Walleyes on the Winnebago system are scattered everywhere right now due to the record water levels throughout the Wolf and Fox Rivers.  The water in the marshes on the Wolf River is so high, fish have found temporary homes back in the trees where life is grand, gorging on frogs, bugs and minnows.   More rain [Read more…]


When it comes to jig fishing, the baits I use are about as diverse as the bodies of water I fish. One of my favorite go-to techniques is pitching a simple swimbait. It’s a dynamite presentation for pitching and ripping in a variety of different conditions, from shallow weeds to deep rocks and everything in [Read more…]

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Make sure to watch the full episode here: Walleye Magic   There’s army of anglers practically manic about all things walleye. Who doesn’t live for the bait thumping, rod pumping, head shaking action and flicker of that white tip tail?   The payoff is pretty good, too. It’s hard to beat fresh walleye fried, broiled, [Read more…]

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