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Tip-ups and deadsticks become a necessity when targeting walleye on large pieces of structure. Not only are you doubling your chances of putting a bait in front of a fish, but you’re also giving them a good reason to stick around. In this video, veteran fishing guide Brad Hawthorne shares some sweet tips for utilizing [Read more…]

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We’ve all run into stubborn walleye that just won’t bite! So how do you catch ’em? Upsize, downsize? Slow down, speed up? Here’s what the top walleye guys in the Midwest have to say.   Dave Genz – davegenz.com Brian Brosdahl – brosguideservice.com Jason Mitchell – jasonmitchelloutdoors.com Tony Roach – roachsguideservice.com Joel Nelson – joelnelsonoutdoors.com [Read more…]

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There are two primary schools of thought when it comes to lure color selection – bold, bright, flashy colors and a more subtle, natural, match-the-hatch color template. As you’ll find out from this video, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to this long debated question.   Dave Genz – davegenz.com Brian Brosdahl – brosguideservice.com Jason Mitchell – [Read more…]

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Anyone else sick of minnow heads falling off your spoon? Gary Roach “Mr. Walleye” shares a unique hooking strategy that will keep your minnow heads and tails “pinned” a little longer.


It is no secret that some of the largest walleyes in North America call Lake Winnipeg home. As such, ice fishing for trophy greenbacks on this Manitoba inland ocean is a pursuit that thousands of anglers enjoy every hardwater season. From the earliest days of safe ice to the very last hours of the walleye [Read more…]

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When you fish hard, sometimes things break. Unfortunately, those “things” aren’t always fishing gear. In this video, professional walleye angler Gary Parsons shares the story of when his co-angler broke his back during a big walleye tournament on Lake Sakakawea.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

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When the fish are biting Jigging Raps, it can be tough to put them down — even when you’re loosing them left-and-right in snaggy areas. Unless you have some DEEP pockets, it can pays to make this quick modification to your lure to avoid losing them. Thanks to Brad Hawthorne for saving us a few [Read more…]


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