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Offshore winds draw cool water and alewife forage near shore, with king salmon following close behind. Use your electronics to locate schools of bait and predators. Cast and retrieve jigs dressed with minnow-imitating softbaits. Fish on!


Dan Lindner and Dave Csanda talk about Brook Trout. Big brookies aren’t just bug eaters; they grow large by feasting on minnows and small fish. Spinners, jigs and crankbaits are ideal for provoking strikes and bulldog fights.


Casting or vertically jigging 4-inch softbait minnow imitations on spinning gear is the hot tactic for king salmon, especially near Great Lakes harbors and breakwalls.

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Wind direction is a major factor determining the depth and location of salmon. Strong winds pushing warmer surface layers offshore draw cool water, baitfish and salmon near shore.

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The Nipigon River in northwest Ontario is home to the world record brook trout, and perhaps the world’s finest drive-to fishing for “specs,” as brookies are known in Canada. Scenic wilderness and big, hard-fighting fish make for a true angling adventure.

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Rapala Scatter Raps feature an evasive hunting action that appeals to trout and other species. Longline trolling Scatter Raps near the surface is ideal during spring when trout and salmon suspend high near the surface.


In spring, Great Lakes trout often suspend near the surface a short distance offshore. Longline troll subtle-action crankbaits at slow speeds, in a variety of color patterns, to trigger active fish.

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