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One of things we see far too often is ice fishermen skimping on their line!   At one point or another, you’ve probably heard someone say the classic adage, “Line is the most direct link between you and the fish.” Well, that is very true in many respects.   A spool of line is going [Read more…]

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Electronics have revolutionized fishing in so many ways, and ice fishing is no exception. It wasn’t that long ago when we were using landmarks on shore to lineup spots, then drilling dozens of holes to find that “spot on the spot”. It was a lot of work! Today, we have access to a whole host [Read more…]

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Biologist Dick Sternberg was never really too concerned about zebra mussels until he started studying them a little bit more. They have been around for quite a while and everyone kind of knows about them, but there are a lot of things that zebra mussels will do that weren’t immediately obvious to Dick.   One [Read more…]


Captain Ben Wolfe (Sport Fish Michigan) shares some really good tips for finding and identifying lake trout on your electronics during the open water months.


August is prime time for big brook trout, also called “Specs” in Canadian waters, where native river fish are joined by Great Lakes “Coasters” migrating upstream to spawn sometime around Labor Day. Big brook trout respond to many of the same lures and tactics you’d use for smallmouth bass: jerkbaits, spinners and jigs tipped with [Read more…]


Rivers are the lifeblood for farmers, communities and fisheries alike all across this great nation. They supply water for agriculture, to drink and for supporting all manner of aquatic life, including many popular angling species.   In areas where rivers are the only game in town, anglers usually fish them throughout the changing seasons. Yet [Read more…]

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Weather is a wild card that you can’t control–although you can adapt to how it affects fish location and behavior. Stable weather promotes fish activity and feeding; cold fronts tend to slow fish activity to a crawl; in between, condition gradually improve until the next major front hits. Adjust your tactics to the daily conditions, [Read more…]

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