Trout & Salmon


Bill Lindner does it again! This week’s underwater video shows Kamloops trout gathering for their spring spawning run into rivers along Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior. Enjoy!

Aquatic Invasive Species

Mickey Johnson interviews flyfishing expert Dan Frasier on choosing and using fly patterns for carp. Matching the hatch is just as important for these wary “freshwater bonefish” as it is for wily trout.


Walleyes, lake trout and other species often gather at the mouths of bays and rivers at late ice. Use GPS onscreen mapping to locate points, drop-offs and other key structures where fish congregate.

SFM AngingBuzz 2017 A 315x315

Mickey Johnson reports on the flyfishing opportunities for Minnesota during the week of March 7-13, 2016.

Travel Manitoba

Mickey Johnson interviews Camille Egdorf of Yellow Dog Flyfishing on the process of researching and booking flyfishing trips to domestic and exotic locations around the globe.

Off Shore Tackle Tile

Mickey Johnson interviews world casting champion Steve Rajeff on learning to flycast. Rajeff advises looking behind you, not just ahead, to develop a tight loop that results in a good cast.

Smooth Moves

Middepth structures surrounded by deep water attract lake trout in early winter. Drill and fish lots of holes, vertically jigging the entire water column through each, to locate and catch large, powerful fish.

Lake Vermilion Resorts

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