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Bill Lindner and David Rossow captured this awesome footage of Lake Superior kamloop trout gathering for their spring spawning run into the rivers along Minnesota’s North Shore.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel:


When it comes to drive-to lake trout fisheries, Manitoba’s Northern Region could arguably be the most convenient choice for a mega lake trout bite. Home to Kenanow Lodge, Kississing Lake has enjoyed a popular status for its resident lakers, offering visiting anglers multi-season hook ups with their monstrous, dark-back and orange-finned eating machines. But it [Read more…]

Fall Lake Trout Manitoba

The Northern Region of Manitoba is a well-known hotbed for trophy lake trout. If you are looking to capitalize on a big fish hot bite up here, the time to go is now. The fall months offer a prime window of opportunity to hook into multiple world-class fish.   These drive-to destinations for giant Manitoba [Read more…]

Off Shore

In this installment, we head to Carpenter’s Clearwater Lodge in the Northern Region of Manitoba in search of trophy lake trout. Early-mid June is still considered spring at this latitude. The hordes of lake trout that roam this sprawling lake can be caught at a variety of depths and areas. Master Angler-sized and beyond specimens [Read more…]

Aquatic Invasive Species

Al Lindner heads over to Michigan to fish with Captain Ben Wolfe during the famous Platte River coho run.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

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Blake Tollefson

After a long winter, I know many of us fisherman have been itching to bust out the long rods. However, most areas of the state are still covered with 24+ inches of ice. Fortunately, for Wisconsin fisherman, a large portion of the state’s trout steams are open during the early catch and release season.   [Read more…]


One of the premiere drive-to fishing destinations in Manitoba, Wekusko Falls Lodge lies in the heart of a legendary Northern Region angling hotspot. Surrounded by spectacular wilderness and numerous bodies of water full of trophy fish, Wekusko is a year-round fishing lodge that offers everything you need for an extraordinary angling experience.   As one [Read more…]

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