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Late Ice Panfish

by Dave Csanda   The end of February heralds the closure of ice fishing seasons for gamefish on the inland waters of several northern states. In others, fishing seasons remain open year-‘round—with most of that time frame being ice-free. Running farther north to Canadian waters may be an option for hardcore folks who can’t stand [Read more…]


One of the big trends in ice fishing right now is using bigger baits and fishing faster. As a result, lipless crankbaits have exploded in popularity for both walleyes and panfish in recent years. So, what’s the next logical step in this progression? Some would argue it’s the use of billed crankbaits through the ice. [Read more…]


Welcome to episode #14 of #AskTheBuzz!   On this episode, I sit down with Mike Hehner and we answer the following question:   5:35 – I’ve had fair luck with jigs and wax worms for crappies. When is a proper time to use crappie minnows? 8:18 – Do you think underwater cameras scare fish away? [Read more…]


No doubt about it, tungsten lures are here to stay. They didn’t reach the shores of North American anglers until the early 2,000’s, and they were kept hush-hush by the hardcores upon arrival. Today, a little over a decade later, tungsten is commonplace among ice anglers far and wide. Almost every mainstream tackle manufacturer sells [Read more…]

Aquatic Invasive Species

The top ice fishing experts are always looking for an edge when they are on the water. One thing that few anglers do that can make a difference is tuning their tungsten jigs. A perfectly tuned jig paired with a well-rigged soft plastic will absolutely out-fish a sloppily rigged jig and plastic.     For [Read more…]


Jig weight can be critically important when you’re out ice fishing for panfish. Heavier baits can be very effective and efficient when you’re targeting active fish that are more willing to bite. On the other end of the spectrum, a smaller profile tungsten lure might be optimal when you need to coax hesitant biters. The [Read more…]

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If you’re a winter pike angler, you probably use one or more tip ups to present deadbaits on quick strike rigs. It’s like setting a trapline in a productive area—likely a mainlake weedbed or shoreline point—and waiting for a flag to pop up, indicating a strike. Amble on over to the tip up, gingerly lift [Read more…]

Aquatic Invasive Species

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