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Top Crappie Lakes

Whether you’re in it for the sport or the table fare, it’s hard to go wrong with crappies. They are widespread geographically, they are fairly easy to catch, they provide some great action, and they taste good!   While there are many, many great crappie lakes throughout the region, these are a few of our [Read more…]

2017 AnglingBuzz TV Show 3

This is episode THREE of AnglingBuzz TV 2017. In this episode, we tackle one of America’s favorite fish: the crappie! This is a deep dive into how to find crappies during the spring of the year, and how to catch them!     Never miss an episode of AnglingBuzz TV, Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

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Underwater Minutes- Fish Species in North America

Few people realize that there are over 1,000 fish species swimming in North America’s fresh water.   According to angler surveys, largemouth and smallmouth bass are America’s most popular fish. Panfish in the form of crappies and bluegills take a close 2nd place. Catfish take up the 3rd spot, followed by the walleye’s huge following [Read more…]
DIY Fishing Maps are Changing the Game

No question about it, one of the biggest revolutions in angling over the years has been the advent of GPS and mapping technologies.   It’s amazing today what’s available from the new fish finders in terms of cartography. We have high definition maps that are available for a ton of different lakes across the country. [Read more…]

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Prespawn Crappies

As spring water temperatures rise, crappies shift location from the mouths of bays, to cover on flats, to the shallows. Early on, it’s all about feeding and water temperature, not spawning.

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Jumbo Perch in Manitoba

Admired by a myriad of avid anglers, Manitoba’s yellow perch has been considered one of the most valued species and a significant contributor too many memorable maiden angling experiences. Like its close cousin, the walleye, the perch offers equivalent eating qualities that are only enhanced by their abounding population and generous limits.   Combine their [Read more…]

Aquatic Invasive Species

The lakes that the DNR tends to see good bluegill growth typically have a couple things going for them:   1. Good Habitat 2. Relatively Low Harvest   Below, we are going to break down each of those factors a little more in-depth. Alternatively, you can watch the video above to hear most of the [Read more…]

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