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Jeremy Smith Ice Bluegill

by Dave Csanda     As bays freeze, allowing safe foot traffic to weedy areas, ice anglers begin taking their first few tentative steps out across the frozen surface. Just don’t jump the gun. At least 4 inches of clear, solid ice is necessary for foot traffic. Tap an ice chisel on the ice ahead [Read more…]


When crappies move deep in fall, modern electronics reveal their depth and location. Advanced trolling motors allow you to stay on active schools with ease.


In fall, crappies move to mid-depth basins from about 20 to 40 feet deep. Small #5 Jigging Rapalas are ideal for vertically fishing crappies in deep water.

Fall Crappies

In early fall, cooling water temperatures create chaos in the shallower water of lakes and reservoirs. Frigid rains and howling winds mix the surface layers, with the turbulence eventually reaching down to and disrupting the summer thermocline. Surface water temperatures plummeting from 65 F down to about 55 F indicate that the disruptive fall turnover [Read more…]

Sea Foam Rebate

Dr. Jason Halfen shares some great tips for catching river panfish during the dog days of summer. Visit for more info from Jason.

Balz Out 1x1
Countdown to Suspended Crappies in Summer

Believe it or not, crappies are fairly predictable and easy to catch throughout the summer months if you understand their behavior.   After spawning, crappies desert the extreme shallows. As they regroup and school in early summer, they typically relate to the deep outer weedline in natural lakes, or to flooded standing timber in reservoirs. [Read more…]

5. Spawning Crappies and Bluegills 6_8_15

As water temperatures approach and rise above 60 F, crappies and bluegills sweep out pit-type nests for spawning. In natural lakes, crappies love to spawn in deep reedbeds; areas with dark bottom and thick, tangled overhead cover host some of the biggest fish in the lake. Use polarized sunglasses to peer into the deepest, thickest [Read more…]


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