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If you want to catching MORE fish, you need to be using your electronics to cover water and FIND fish instead of casting or jigging aimlessly. Don’t fish spots. Don’t fish memories. Don’t guard your hole. Don’t sit around waiting for the fish to come to you.   Thanks Brad Hawthorne for the sound advice! [Read more…]


Some musky lures look similar at first glance, but it’s the subtle differences that impact when and where you use each bait. In this video, musky guide Doug Wegner compares a few popular lure styles and breaks down what makes them different why he might use them in different situations.     For more videos [Read more…]

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Chances are if you’re a hardcore musky head, you probably do a lot of “tinkering” with your baits. Here’s a few quick modifications musky guide Doug Wegner likes to implement on his bucktails, topwaters, crankbaits and Medusas.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel:


If your musky fishing experience is fairly limited, there’s a good chance you’re making many of the common rookie mistakes. While there are many similarities in fishing for species like bass, walleye and panfish, hunting for big muskies is a completely different game.   Musky guide Doug Wegner has seen many, many musky mistakes in [Read more…]

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Musky fishing is the fastest growing segment of the fishing community, and for good reason. Very few fish in freshwater can match adrenaline-pumping excitement you feel when you’re hooked up with a musky. It’s a fish that appeals to the younger generations, and as a result, it’s bringing many new fishermen into the sport. Here’s [Read more…]

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In the last twenty-five years, musky fishing has changed dramatically. Stocking and angler ethics, along with better tools and equipment that minimize delayed mortality of released fish have all contributed to the great fishing we have today. On today’s highlight destinations we’re going to look some stocked lakes and natural fisheries that produce trophy musky! [Read more…]


Jeremy Smith shares some great tips on fishing bucktails, arguably the best all-around musky lures on the planet.     For more video tips like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

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