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VIDEO BELOW   Catching giant northern pike on tip-ups is one of the most exciting ice fishing experiences available. It can offer an addictive combination of visual intensity, constant action, and the anticipation of hand setting a hook on a fish of a lifetime.   Finding active feeding areas, positioning fresh bait in the right [Read more…]

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If you’re a winter pike angler, you probably use one or more tip ups to present deadbaits on quick strike rigs. It’s like setting a trapline in a productive area—likely a mainlake weedbed or shoreline point—and waiting for a flag to pop up, indicating a strike. Amble on over to the tip up, gingerly lift [Read more…]

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Ice Flasher Wars

Sonar units are must-have technology if you want to fish quickly and efficiently on the ice. The ability to see what’s directly below your hole gives you huge advantage against anglers who are fishing blind. One big challenge many ice fishermen face is deciding which flasher or combo unit is right for them. There are [Read more…]

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When do you know that ice is safe? That’s the big question this time of year. One thing that we do know for sure, it’s not when you see that first person venturing out there. Every year, we see people who pushing the limits on early ice and getting themselves killed. Just because people are [Read more…]

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After several filming trips this season, Bill Lindner Photography (AirWolf) finally hit gold in the fridged waters of Lake Minnetonka. Last week, we shared an exciting video of muskies following a small sucker in a clear northern Minnesota lake. While we got a lot of positive feedback from the piece, we weren’t completely satisfied because [Read more…]

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Fall is the season for chasing big muskies around the north country. While many anglers will chunk Bulldawgs, Medusas and the like, others will feel much more confident pulling a big juicy sucker minnow. They aren’t cheap, but they are tough to beat when water temperatures drop down below 50 degrees in fall.   In [Read more…]


Welcome to episode #4 of #AskTheBuzz!   On this episode, Lee Tauchen answers the following question:   0:36 – What is the best tactic for cold front muskies in fall? 4:30 – How is Great Lakes musky fishing different than other Midwest musky fishing? 7:38 – What are Lee’s go-to musky lures in fall based [Read more…]

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