Underwater Minutes- Fish Species in North America

Few people realize that there are over 1,000 fish species swimming in North America’s fresh water.   According to angler surveys, largemouth and smallmouth bass are America’s most popular fish. Panfish in the form of crappies and bluegills take a close 2nd place. Catfish take up the 3rd spot, followed by the walleye’s huge following [Read more…]

DIY Fishing Maps are Changing the Game

No question about it, one of the biggest revolutions in angling over the years has been the advent of GPS and mapping technologies.   It’s amazing today what’s available from the new fish finders in terms of cartography. We have high definition maps that are available for a ton of different lakes across the country. [Read more…]

Off Shore Tackle Tile

Manitoba is host to a wide array of incredible angling opportunities, however we are probably best known for our trophy greenback walleye on Lake Winnipeg and arguably the greatest sport fishery on the planet with our world class channel catfish on the mighty Red River.   Sure it’s the greatest channel catfish fishery, but the [Read more…]

Off Shore Tackle Tile

Rivers are the lifeblood for farmers, communities and fisheries alike all across this great nation. They supply water for agriculture, to drink and for supporting all manner of aquatic life, including many popular angling species.   In areas where rivers are the only game in town, anglers usually fish them throughout the changing seasons. Yet [Read more…]


Catfish – Fishing Holes in Small Rivers Small-river catfish often key on holes based on available cover and current. Check the head, midsection and tail end of a hole to determine which is best.

Off Shore Tackle Tile

Catfish are notoriously light biters in cold water. Classic deadbait rods and tactics entice them into nibbling their way up the bait and onto your hook.

Aquatic Invasive Species
Dave Csanda's Summer 2015 Red River Catfish

Summer catfishing requires minimal tackle and technique. However, the better you understand your quarry, analyze fishing conditions and tweak your presentations, the more and bigger fish you’ll catch. Cats often relate to deep holes formed at river bends, or to flooded wood cover.   From a boat, either anchor just above a hole, and toss [Read more…]


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