The Right Gear for Summertime Trolling

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We all love catching a bunch of fish, and sometimes the best way to do that is by trolling. The only problem is sometimes pulling rigs and cranks can become somewhat complex. There several variables and so many moving parts. In this Cool Products segment, we’re going to breakdown what you’ll want on the “gear” end of the equation.




Rapala Deep Down Husky Jerk – $5.89
Reef Runner Deep Little Ripper – $7.89
Bagley Rumble B – $7.89
Pro King Spoon (regular) – $5.49
Pro King Spoon (magnum) – $6.99
Viper Custom Rattler Blades – $3.99
JB Lures Ventilator – $3.29
JB Lures Hot Flash – $2.49
Northland Mr. Walleye Crawler Hauler – $2.69
Northland Butterfly Blade Super Death Rig – $3.79



Off Shore EZ Crankbait Tuner – $22.99
Off Shore Trolling Boards – $31.99
Dipsy Diver – $15.69
Northland Rock-Runner Bottom Bouncer – $4.99
Aqua-Vu HD10i – $799.99
Aqua-Vu Trolling Fin – $59.99
Daiwa Wilderness Combo – $78.99
Smooth Moves Air Boat Seat – $699.00


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